Deez Nuts Jokes

Mike O.
in Guess

Mike Oxlong: What's deez Mike? Mike Oxsmall: I dunno. What is deez? Mike Oxlong: DEEZ NUTS! HA, GOT 'EM!

Like if u have nuts

The mom you never had

Isac I suck deez nuts


What is Deez + nuts= deez nuts ha

hello baby girl
in Ball

have you heard about the pokemon called rhy rhy rhyde on deez nuts

ghey ballin
in Ball

do u know bumo bum deez nuts

got him you like cobble. my friend. no me. gobble deez nuts

got him

friend: you are joking me: joking on deez nuts

got him

have you played the game imagine dragons. imagine draging deez nuts


What's pokemon #539 (sawk) SAWK ON DEEZ NUTS

in Rock

deez nuts


me: how do cowboys say hello? Friend: howdy me: how do deez nuts fit in your mouth


me: what are we doing in HPE friend: fitness me: fitting deez nuts in your mouth


me: what's the fifth month of the year Friend: May me: may deez nuts fit in your mouth

in Computer

joe biden deez nuts


a b c deez nuts

in Orphan

why did rhydon get a oprhen... rhydon deez nuts

in Draw

draw deez nuts

The man
in Ball

Would you rather date me or I lady I laid deez nuts in your mouth