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My kids are so ungrateful. I got them a new dishwasher and they just won’t stop complaining about their mom

i tried a pun about water but people “sea” right through it, and when people complain they are usually just being a beach

I asked my North Korean friend, “what’s it like to live in North Korea?” He responded, “can’t complain.”

Stephen hawking went on a date last night She left after 15 minutes complaining she didn’t like his tone

I don’t see why Africans complain about not having water, they have free chocolate milk.

Why did the Ice Cube complain about being so warm? Because he was dropped on the floor.

A dad and his son walk out to the middle of the woods armed only with a shovel and a lantern Son: "Dad, it’s creepy out here!" Dad: “You’re complaining? I’m the one that has to leave the woods alone!”