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Did you hear about the flood at the circus? Lots of people drowned and there were two clowns that survived and two nuns still in the audience. The two clowns ran over to the two nuns, and each one put a nun on his shoulder. Then they waded out of the big top, up to their waists in the rapid, turbulent water. As they were reaching dry land, one clown said to the other, “if you ask me, this is virgin on the ridiculous!”

my departed uncle was a circus clown before he died

so all his friends came in one car

Why didn’t anyone care about the circus?

Because it was irr-elephant.

It’s not rape if she’s a dead bear and I lost my job at the circus

Person 1: Hey did you here about the circus fire? Person 2: No. Person 1: it was in-tents

A fire broke out at the circus, it was intense.

What did Pennywise become after LEAVING the circus? Ex-IT. (I capitalized important parts of the joke)