Why can’t a t-rex clap?

Because it’s dead.

How do you make an orphans hands bleed?

Tell him to clap until his parents come home.

Why can’t dinosaurs clap? Because they’re dead.

Why cant a T-Rex Clap

He’s Dead

yo mama so fat thanos had to clap

How do you make a orphan’s hands bleed?

You tell them to clap till they’re parents come home

Why couldn’t the T-Rex clap?

Because he’s dead.

Why can’t the T-Rex clap his hands? Because he is DEAD.

Why Cant Dinosaurs Clap? Cause They are Dead

How do make an orphans hands bleed: tell them to clap til’ their parents get home

Why can’t dinosaurs clap?

Because there dead.

Why couldn’t the T-rex clap his hands?

Because he’s dead

So you get a new job, and here something about this guy named mike, The next day you go into the office and mike is sitting next to you, with unicorns and Rainbows and stuff, then, a co-worker comes up and says “No one told you mike was gonna be this GGGAAAAYYYYY clap clap clap clap”.

Lemme clap your girls booty cheeks daddy papi

Why can’t dinosaurs clap? Cause they’re dead

Dark Humor: Mom: See that guy over there with no hands, tell him to clap Son: Mom, I’m blind Mom: Exactly Inspired by my derp other half

How can you make a orphans hand bleed

Reel them to clap until there parent come home

If 2 people who have the clap sleep together did they make an applause?

Why cood yoo not heer the dinasor clap? Becasue its deade

Why couldn’t the dinosaur clap, THERE DEAD!