Why can’t college students take exams at the zoo? – Too many cheetahs!

Why did the cheetah get disqualified?

Because he was a cheetah DUH!

Why did the lion always lose at poker?

He was playing with a bunch of cheetahs.

Why can’t a cheetah play hide and seek? Because he’s always spotted

What food does a cheetah eat? Fast food

Why is there no gambling in Africa?

Too many Cheetahs.

What did PETA say when a cheetah won 5 million dollars?

You cant beetah the cheetah

I like penguins

What did the panther say at the poker party? I’d be lion if I said I was a cheetah.

Why did the lion lose the race-because he was playing with a cheetah

I’m a turd

What did the cheetah tell the other cheetah when they had a test?

Cheetah cheetah!

Once a cheetah, always a cheetah.

Why don’t they play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs

why are cheetahs the best animals? The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. They can reach a top speed of around 113 km per hour. A cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 113 km in just a few seconds. Cheetahs are extremely fast however they tire quickly and can only keep up their top speed for a few minutes before they are too tired to continue. Cheetahs are smaller than other members of the big cat family, weighing only 45 – 60 kilograms. One way to always recognise a cheetah is by the long, black lines which run from the inside of each eye to the mouth. These are usually called “tear lines” and scientists believe they help protect the cheetah’s eyes from the harsh sun and help them to see long distances. Cheetahs are the only big cat that cannot roar. They can purr though and usually purr most loudly when they are grooming or sitting near other cheetahs. While lions and leopards usually do their hunting at night, cheetahs hunt for food during the day. A cheetah has amazing eyesight during the day and can spot prey from 5 km away. Cheetahs cannot climb trees and have poor night vision. With their light body weight and blunt claws, cheetahs are not well designed to protect themselves or their prey. When a larger or more aggressive animal approaches a cheetah in the wild, it will give up its catch to avoid a fight. Cheetahs only need to drink once every three to four days.

Why do animals hate playing card games with foxes?-They’re a bunch of cheetahs

Why do cheetahs always win? Because they cheat

Travis has baby hands

what do cheetahs wear to work they can’t change because cheetahs cant change there spots

Why do you never play a game of cards in the jungle?- cause there are cheetahs!!