Gwen Jokes

What is happening, Which is better being loved or being hated? State your answer.

On reddit now. u/Long-Cat-4047. Also email is or

hey gwen, listen, i know your on this app. fake or not. I love you either way. please, find this faker and finish her off for whats she's done, real Gwen.

*your a real best Gwen*

Uh six teachers are annoying. Thank god I am not getting picked on at school or on this website.

heyos i just wanna say thanks to gwen on here she writes jokes and she got me thru a lot xx


Quote for the day

I looked this quot up but It really is a good thing just for starters.

“Sometimes you will never know the VALUE of a moment until it becomes a MEMORY”

Also loving is so much more to give instead! Always remember to love!!! Best-Gwen


Holy fucking shit Addison watersharky Gwen and all of you other cringelords I swear to god I I hear one more thing about “please be kind no bullying on the internet” I will actually shoot my local school. You may not know since you are only 8yrs old or whatever but the world is not kind. It’s full of sick people out to beat others and the only way to stay safe is to beat them. So even if you think you are spreading kindness it’s just gonna make you a target. So just stfu and keep your “please be kind “messages to yourselves

Also gehen Addison, Gwen und Bradley alle in eine Bar. Dann schreien sie alle an, sie sollen aufhören, Bier zu trinken, weil sie es nicht mögen. Dann schreien sie den Barkeeper an und sagen, er solle das Bier nicht verkaufen, weil sie es nicht mögen. Die Kunden lachen sie als Paviane aus. Was machen Addison, Gwen und Bradley? Sie kommen auf diese Seite und argumentieren, dass Witze zu gemein sind, und weil sie sie nicht mögen, stoppen sie jeden, der sie als WITZ macht. Das Ende

Who remembers when Gwen was the only thing people talk about in this website

Orphans have feelings too, but I don't understand why it's fun to make fun of them, right?

Jordan motherfucker ur face looks like slut and ur life is trash stop picking on kids and LEAVE THEM HELL ALONE!