Gwen Jokes

Uh six teachers are annoying. Thank god I am not getting picked on at school or on this website.

On reddit now. u/Long-Cat-4047. Also email is or

Wow gwen even said she loves Tj she just did prince look at it u are going to be crush it is in bored jokes and it has 65 comments look their!

Gwen if ur reading this the link I sent is for u and ur bf to chat and stuff no one shall bother u! Pinky pinky! Btw do U know how I am cause if do then I am related to kenya and my name starts with T? Don't worry just chat with ur boy friend

hey gwen, listen, i know your on this app. fake or not. I love you either way. please, find this faker and finish her off for whats she's done, real Gwen.

*your a real best Gwen*

This one is for Gwen, I'm sorry people are so mean to you. All the big cats gathered for a game of poker. Why did the tiger lose? Because one of his opponents kept on lion. Another had a puma-nent poker face. But the real problem was the cheetah.

this is to the girl/boy named Gwen: Are you okay? i see there is a bunch of haters but DON'T i repeat, DON'T let the haters get to you. i hope you see this and respon and that you are okay plz Gwen be honest.