What do Michelangelo and Kurt Cobain have in common?

They both used their brains to paint the ceiling.

My ceiling isn’t the best… But it’s up there!!!

a man walks into a bar, and notices a steak hanging from the ceiling. when he asks the bartender about it, the bartender says “If you can jump up and hit it, drinks are on the house for the night, but if you miss, everyone’s drinks are on your tab for the next two hours. Do you want to try?” the man decided not to take the risk. he thought the steaks where too high.

How do you start a rave in Africa?-You put a biscuit on the ceiling.

How do you start a rave in Africa?

You tie food to the ceiling.

how do you start a rave in africa?

You tie a water bottle to the ceiling

God, I miss Stephen Hawking. He was brainier than Kurt Cobain’s ceiling.

a friend texts to another "hey", they reply, “What’s up?”. The first friend then replies with a simple answer, “the sky!”, but the other friend intervenes and says, “no it’s the ceiling!”. To then the first friend finishes the greeting with, “unless you’re homeless or six feet under.”

how do you start an Ethiopian rave? stick toast to the ceiling.

A man walks into a bar and sees a piece of steak on the ceiling. The cashier says “If you can grab it, your meal’s free.”. The man then said “Nah, the stakes are too high.”.

How many dead babies does it take to change a light bulb? Depends on how high your ceiling is.

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