If a person in a wheel chair runs you over, can you call it a Hit and Can´t Run

why cant orphans watch PG movies?

BC they are parental guidance.

Teacher: You cant be here after school without a parent!

Orphan: -no response-

To the man in the wheel chair who stole my camouflage jacket, You can hide but you cant run.

Q: how do you know when an asian broke into your house?

A: you can´t find your dog.

Why cant orphans do homework?

They dont have a home to do it at.

Why cant a orphan go to mcdonalds theres no point in the words happy meal

Why cant a T-Rex Clap

He’s Dead

Why cant two chinese people have a white baby ?

Because two wongs dont make a white

What did PETA say when a cheetah won 5 million dollars?

You cant beetah the cheetah

why cant vampires tell jokes right? all their jokes just SUCK

if you ever get mad at a person that cramppled their leg. don’t forget that they can hide but they cant run.

why cant a orphan play family fued because it has to have a family

Why cant Orphans play Baseball? Because they can not find Home.

why cant you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom? because the “p” is silent

A son walks up to his dad and says "Dad! I just had sex for the first time." The dad goes "Great! Wanna sit down and talk about it?“ The son says "I cant sit right now, my butt is very sore.”

Why Cant Dinosaurs Clap? Cause They are Dead

my brother cant wait for spring… he wet his plants!

Using modern day technology you can produce music with a Tesla coil. I dont know if you heard it but it is quite shocking and even electrifying. I cant tell if it is metal or techno but it is more vaulable then joules. It really amps up your blood pressure and has you saying watt the whole time. It is way better than current music.

Why cant Orphans play baseball? They cant find home.