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If Canadians speak “English Eh?”, do Americans speak “English B”?

Why did the Canadian cross the road? To say sorry to the other side.

What do you call a sophisticated American?

A Canadian

How do you get 30 drunk Canadians out of the pool?

“Please get out of the pool.”

What did the hematologist say when his Canadian patient wrote that he’s blood type “eh”? “Ah, probably just go with blood typo”

What did the canadian say when a guy shot his bever ?. It is ok i forgive you.

What do we call a Canadian gay ~disciplined cunt

What do we call a gay Canadian? Sophisticated cunt

What’s the difference between a Canadian and a unicorn?

Nothing, they’re both mythical creatures

Did you know all Canadians have the same blood type?

They all have blood “eh”