Bomber Jokes

It’s all fun and games at “take your kid to work day” until you realize your dad is a suicide bomber.

What’s the difference between a suicide bomber and a feminist? A suicide actually does something when triggered.

I talked to a future suicide bomber, I told him, "ISIS ain't got Sh** on me because I Planted a bomb and lived."

Funny thing happened today, my dad came home from work which is weird cause he’s a suicide bomber.

They found water on Mars. Mars:1 Africa:0

What do you get when you put a Suicide bomber in a wheel chair? A RC-XD.

What is the difference between a Apple and a Orphan? Orphans don't get picked.

what do you call a suicide bomber in a weelchair?

an rcxd (remote control explosive)

i dont want to die alone.... that is why i am working my way up to become a suicide bomber!