Athletics Jokes

I bet China can be the best baseball team. They took out the entire world with just a bat.

Why does Mexico never hold the Olympics? Because everyone that can run, jump, and swim is already out of the country.


I know a girl in a wheelchair. I realize why now she couldn’t do sports because the coaches wanted 100% from her,but she was only able to give 50.


What is the Mexicans favorite sports?

Cross country, wall climbing, and their favorite activity in the summer is lawn mowing.

Why does Mexico not have a good athletics team? Because anyone who can run or jump is already over the wall.


Guy is at athletic meet. asks guy if he is a pole vaulter. He replies, No I am German and how did you know my name was Walter.

Q: I'm a famous athlete and I've got a lot of fan's.

A: Is that why I never see you sweat?