Spell Jokes

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Tell someone to look in their shirt and spell attic hehe



in Orphan

F stand for family that’s why orphan is spelled with ph

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So what if I can’t spell Armageddon? It’s not the end of the world


What is the Harry Potter spell that aborts babies?

Fetus Deletus!

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Bend over and spell run


MY mum once told me how do u spell mississippi and i said misisipi but she said no its goes mi-ss-i-ss-pp-i and i luaghed when she said pp,then she said why are you laughing i tried saying u said pp but i was laughing to hard


How do you spell ihop

Then spell ihop and say ness

Addison Banks age (8)
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CAN WE PLEASE STOP THE FRICKING DRAMA! I see people bullying other people too, Gwen is not the only one. For god sake just do jokes, if you want to bully some one do it in your family! You people don’t even know each other but were still doing this stupid NONSENSE! JUST MAKE JOKES PEOPLE! That is why it’s called “Worst JOKES ever” not “Bully people EVER” SO SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE DUM DUMS! Geez! The only reason why I come here is to spread jokes and kindness like Gwen and others, not to spread HATE AND FOOLISHNESS FROM PEOPLE WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW BETTER THINGS TO DO BUT TO HATE ON STUPID STRANGERS FROM DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE FRICKING WORLD!!! “Addison shut up your only 8 years old. What do you know.?” I might be 8 but at least I got some sense, and plus I’m way smarter than you guys anyway. I’m in alert. You know like a very, very, very, intelligent kid! That can spell instead of saying “u” I say the true say you instead of “pls” it’s “please.” Sorry if I did meant it…which I don’t!


Spell Mississippi


haha you said pp



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Say toast 3 times. Spell toast 3 times. What do you put in a toaster. What is the answer.

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These are all really nice jokes but here is one. Boy: Spell ME Girl: M-E Boy: You forgot the D Girl: There is no D in ME Boy: Not yet


Your spelling is more morbid than any of these jokes

Mr. Nuclear/little johnny
in Little Johnny

So Johnny was working at a deli, a woman walks up and asks, do you have any salad? Johnny says no, she asks? What about carrots? Again Johnny says no, she says what about bananas? Johnny says “tell ya what, spell out “lad” in salad” she spells L A D, Johnny replies “spell “rot” in carrot” she spells R O T, Johnny says “now spell “fuck” in vegetables or fruits” she says “there is no fuck in vegetables or fruits” Johnny exclaims “thats what ive been trying to tell you!”

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What’s a chairs favorite snack?

Chair-es or Cherries if that’s how you wanna spell it .3.

Anthony Arias

Spell icup… U SEE me pee!?


Spell IOUT no space


Spell ihop , now say ness at the end…😂…I ate your penus!!