Yo Mama Jokes


yo mama so fat when god said let there be light! she blocked the sun.now we call her the moon

yo mama so fat, everyday people kept asking: “Are you pregnant?”


Yo mama is so old, I told her to act her age and she died.

in Cow

What is a cow on two legs?


Yo mama so dumb that when she saw the “log in” page on her computer she went and put a log in it.

Ammar Yayeh
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Yo mama’s so stupid, when I told her that she lost her mind, she went looking for it


Yo mama’s so stupid she drowned in the pond because the sign said ‘No Swimming’


Yo mama so ugly that she turned Medusa to stone.

yo mama so small that she tried to hike mountin deww

yo mama so fat she asked for a water bed and they gave her the ocean


Boy- your momma so ugly she’s denied from the homeless parties in the dumpster Quiet kid- your momma so funny she made a joke pop out her a*s

in Stupid

yo mama so stupid, when she was in court and the judge said order order she said pizza


your mama so fat when pennywise said “we all float down here” he saw her and suddenly new he was mistaken.


yo mama so tall she was next to Neil Armstrong on the moon

in Make

Yo mama so ugly when Santa seen her he said ho ho hole shit

Yo mama is so ugly she walked in a haunted house and walked out with a job application.

Yo Mama so stupid that when she saw a sign that said, “Airport Left,” she turned around and went home.

Anonymous James
in Ugliness

Yo mama so fat that’s why people don’t want to marry her except for fat guys


Yo mama so big she thought Christopher Rhoades was a tampon.

in Roast

Yo mama so old I bet she was born when Dinosaurs was made and also she killed them with they breath😭😭