What is Donald Trump’s favorite game?

Fortnite. Because he can build walls for free.

There is a new kind of jock strap, it only holds one nut. It is called a trump supporter.

Why does Trump “not” wear glasses? Because he’s got 20/20

What did the left butt cheek say to the right?

Trump 2020

I thought fruit tasted good. I guess i was wrong

I was asking people who knew trump if he would win a second term . Stormy said " no way, he doesn’t have 2 in him!"

Chuck Norris told those three men how to climb trumps wall

FRIEND no so much " Hey wan to come to my house ?" sended
lonly ORPHAN/ trump " want to come to my orphaige? sended

FRIEND not so much " dude im  blocking you!" sended

Lonly orphan " :( sended

if trump was a orphan I know he would know not to build a wall because he was in one most of his life

What’s so wrong about trump being in office?

He steals all the cats.

Trump’s cabinet are like panties. Some crawl up your butt, some snap under pressure, & some actually cover your butt when you need them…

Are we supposed to submit jokes?

This website.

Also how did trumps wall let this website in???

Where in hell is Lee Harvey Oswald now when we need him?

Americans won’t have a Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Why not? They sent their turkey to the White House.

Trump is Putin America first hahahaha

A man goes into heaven and there he meets jesus. He asks Jesus what that broken clock is there for. Jesus says “that is mother teresa’s clock it has never moved because she has never lied”. “There is Abraham Lincolns clock. He has .lied twice so it has moved twice.” “Where is Donald Trump’s?” Ask’s the man. Jesus answers “it is in my office, I am using it as a ceiling fan.”

Donald Trump is like really orange.

Why won’t Trump be subject to impeachment? Answer: Because Republicans in Congress insist that every baby be brought to full term!

What do you call the only Trump Supporter to follow his orders to obstruct justice? Answer: Attorney General William Barr!

Trump’s medical records were just released. According to the brain scan, the left side of his brain has nothing right, while the right side has nothing left.