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The sexual shout “Yes Daddy” probably originated in alabama

How to decorate a wall:

Strip of the paper and original plaster

put on fresh plaster and wall paper

paint it (if you want)

Send a bill to North America and wait patiently for a reply

What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument?

The trom-BONE!

-P.S. This joke is very non-original and bad

FUN FACT: Toasters were originally called tanning breads!

I wasn’t originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind.

p=person (not original ‘‘pun’’)

p1:hey girl p2: i got a bf! p1: well i got a lamborghini aventador, a bugatti super sports, a yacht and a private plane. p2: bf stand for breakfast. p2: oh and also where did you get all that stuff? p1:gta5 p2: you!!! (communications with this person are now blocked)

why cant orphans play baseball because its not original at all

3 boy chiwawa were hot about this girl chiwawa. She tells them I will date whichever one of you can use liver and cheese in the same sentence. First dog say… I love cheese but liver is bland. She replay… Really original. Next dog… I love liver but chesse makes me constipated… She replay… Ewe gross. Third dog steps up… Man Liver alone cheese mine. Winner dog 3.