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So Santa fell down the chimney but it was a lit chimney…his names no longer Santa. It’s crisp cringle. Pls send help :).

did you hear about the light bulb party— yeah it was pretty lit!

Chuck Norris lit a campfire and humans saw the sun for the first time.

Yesterday I went to a lightbulb party.and it was lit

once we went to a light bulb party last night , YO it was freakin lit.

During the election campaign of 2012 we heard about Obama but we fought they said Osama. So I told my friend grab his gun and lets have some fun. So during one of Obama’s campaign we both shot him to death, which lasted a while. Then my friend said “lets go get piz drunk at Mavericks bar”. Then on TV they talked about Obama death and everybody but 2 guys cheered. Then guess what, we loaded our guns and lit those 2 guys up like we did to Obama.

Good said let there be light and it was lit !