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Have you ever tried North Korean food?

Neither have the North Koreans.

Your career might be in the north but its going south :)

Trying to make a baby talk is like trying to negotiate with north korea

Why don’t North Koreans like jazz music?

Because they don’t have Seoul.

just because you have a career in the north doesn’t mean you you are north Career

Why is North Korea so good at Geometry? Because they have a supreme ruler.

I asked my North Korean friend, “what’s it like to live in North Korea?” He responded, “can’t complain.”

Us: haha p.... Korea: that sounds like a park name

North Korea and the martians were fighting about who was going the reach venus first. Trump steps in and says " That doesn’t matter american is going to land on the sun first". The martians and North Korea said “you can’t land on the sun it’s to hot and you will die”. Trump said his brilliant plan that “America is going to land their at night”.

When Kim jong-un said nuke the chinese, he meant put the take away in the oven. Some simple misunderstandings start a war.

North Korea is a modern version of the holocaust.

Why can North Korea draw a straight line? Because they’ve got a supreme ruler

Three guys are escaping from North Korea through a tunnel. The guards know that they are coming and will shoot them with paintball guns as a warning. The guys show up and the guards shoot them. The guys die because the guards used real guns.