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Santa was asked to describe Mrs. Claus in three words.

His response was “Ho ho ho”

When Santa Asks You what you want for Christmas then says ho ho ho say yes Please.

what shoes do pedofiles wear? White vans. How do pedofiles fit in? They force it to go in. How do you make a 16 mm hole into a 40 mm hole? A pedofile comes in. What did Santa say when he was passing over some hookers? “Ho ho ho!”

Youre mama so ugly, When Santa Claus came to her house and saw her, he said,“HO HO HOLY SHIT THAT’S ONE UGLY BITCH!”

Christmas special

Me:can you describe mrs Claus in 3 words Santa: ho ho ho

Ho Ho Ho, what do you want for Christmas little boy. Longer than 2 months to live.

What did Santa say when he saw a pretty girl?


Santa Claus walks up to 3 little girls and says Ho Ho Ho.

what did the pimp order at the chinese resturaunt?He ordered some cock-bang-ho

yo mama so fat when santa clause went down the chimney he said ho ho hooooly sh*t

what did santa say when he got to the club ho ho ho

What does santa say to 3 girls in a row? HO HO HO

What did the guy with no teeth say to a blind guy… how mae Ingers am I hoing up

2 Asians walked into a strip club and they went to a cashier, they put in their names her name was he gay and his name was shi A ho