I had a horrible nightmare yesterday. I was in room filled with all of my ex’s, so I was completely alone.

i had a dream about the whole ocean was filled with orange soda

turns out it was a fanta sea

Why did the Oreo go to the dentist? Because he lost his filling.

Why did the OREO go to the dentist?

Because he needed a filling. 😂

[god creating alligators] God: see that log? Angel:yes…? God: now fill it with teeth. Angel: say again? God: FILL IT WITH TEETH

A millionaire LOVES alligators and filled his pool full of alligators, One night he has a party and says,“whoever can swim from one end to the other of the alligator infested pool unharmed will get a prize, my daughter or a million dollars.” some people line up but they are hesitant. One man gets in the water, swims from one end to the other unharmed, and went to the millionaire. The millionaire says,“wow I can’t believe you did it! So whats your prize?” the guy says,“I don’t care about the million dollars or your daughter, I just want to know who the B@$*ard was that pushed me in the pool!”

Me:whats yellow and cant swim?

My sister: What??

Me:a school bus filled with kids

What’s big and yellow and can’t swim, a bus filled with children

The Trump cocktail .Take a large glass + fill it with a ounce of everything behind the bar . Top it with whipped cream and a cherry . Now for the hard part Finding a Mexican to pay for it .

I once auditioned to be in sausage party. I thought I filled the role well.

How does an artist fill in a cv? He draws on experience

how many Americans does it take to fill the grand canyon


What’s long yellow and doesn’t float

A school bus filled with children

A man was kneeling on the church floor, crying desperately in front of the large wooden statue of Christ. "My headphones are broken, Lord… I’m desperate… What should I do? Guide me!!" And the Lord appeared in the form of bright light, and the strong, deep voice filled the man’s soul. WELL BUY NEW ONES, YOU DUMBASS And so he did.

My friend dreamed of being a porno star. He did it for 3 months and decided it was not for him The next job he got was pumping petrol, halfway through filling up, he pulled the hose out and started spraying all over the car!

My dog was hungry, so I let him loose outside while I filled his bowl. I found out later that he was run over by a truck. It seemed to really hit the Spot

Bonjour all ;-) , nd here a frog ( French) joke lol. qui a inventé le mètre et qui a inventé le centimètre? (who invented the meter, and who invented the centimeter ?) Answer: Adam à inventé le mêtre , parce qu’il voulait le (mettre) de dans …(Adam invented the meter because he wanted to put it in). Eve à inventée le centimetre, parce qu’elle voulait, le sentir- metre ( centimetre) Eve invented the centimeter, because she wanted to fill it when going in…

There was a doctors room filled with 20 women 4 kids 15 men and 1dog However there were forty foreheads. How is this possible.(they will think 44 heads, not 40 foreheads)

Because there are 40 foreheads not 44 heads

What do stomata use to fill their pools? Chlor-ine

Why does a heterosexual man swallow the sperm of another man after he has giving him a brojob? because of the cream filling inside just like the individually wrapped cakes of hostess twinkies

When start sweating after filling in c for the third time in a row

If I could be any creature, I would be a Unicorn because they are Beautiful, Majestic, Sparkly, Bright, Gods, They create Joy and Happiness everywhere they go. Unicorns made my life better when I got to know them more, ^-^ they filled my life with more Happiness, I believe in the Unicorns and they’ll believe in me, I am not a Unicorn although I am the Princess of the Unicorn Land but if I could be any creature I would be a Unicorn! :P