What does Monica and Bill Clinton have in common…They both did not inhale. lol

Waitress: You wanna box for your leftovers? Me: No, but i`ll arm wrestle you for the bill.

plz look up rainbow kiss- Bill Cosby

A class is being taught when Bill Clinton walks in. He asks the class, " What is a tragedy?" One kid, named Jim, raises his hand and says, “if my family and I got ran over by a truck, that would be a tragedy.” Bill Clinton replies, “That would be an accident, not a tragedy.” A couple of seconds later, Audrey raises her hand and says, “If a school shooting would happen and 10 kids died, that would be a tragedy.” Bill Clinton replies once again with: “That would be a great loss, not a tragedy.” All of the kids are confused now when all of a sudden Matthew says “If you and Hillary Clinton were on an airplane and it got blown up, that would be a tragedy!” “Yes!” Says Bill Clinton “How do you know?” Matthew says happily, “It is definitely not an accident, and certainly not a great loss!”

Jig jill bill ate a pill

what do u call bill tran? stopid noob

bill never do that again

bill thats racist

bill tran

Jeff did you hear ther making a film about Jimmy savile it’s a very touchy subject. Yeah I did Gary but did you hear the reviews on the bill Cosby film people said it was so boring it put them to sleep

What does Bill Cosby and someone eating at McDonald’s have in common?

There both mc lovin what there eating.

one day me and my friend Howard the duck went into the bar,I ordered a drink,Howard told the waiter to put it on his… BILL

hi i am bill

Santa and Bill Cosby’s favorite quote " don’t be dumb make sure they’re numb and always use a condom!"

A man walks into a bar and sees a jar of ten dollar bills so he asks the bartender if its a jar of tips. The bartender says no, its for a bet. So the man asks what the bet is and the bartender says, well if you put ten dollars into the jar then knock out the bouncer, next you go outside and remove a rotten tooth out of the rottweiler’s mouth, and last you go upstairs and give an orgasm to the fat lady who has never had one. If you can do all those things then you get everything in the jar as well as free drinks for the month. So the guy puts in ten dollars, turns to the guy next to him and knocks him out with one punch. Then the guy continues outside, all you hear for an hour is screaming and whining from the dog, when all is silent the man walks in and asks, so where is the fat lady with the tooth?

The duck bought lipstick when he paid he said put it on my bill

I always loved going to Bill Cosby’s house; he always greeted me when I woke-up with “Rapey-rapey, eggs and bakey”.

Bippity Boppity Bill Cosby!

bippidy boppidy boo Bill Cosby is coming for you

Bippity Boppity Boop Bill Cosby’s coming for you!!!