Ball Jokes

in Orphan

Why can’t orphans play base ball because they can’t find home lol


What’s the name of this brand? picture of puma logo them: puma “puma balls in yo mouth

Raihan Miah <3

Can I put my balls in your JAW <3

Lebron James's best chum

The day I saw people asking lebron James whether he liked to play basketball, my thoughts be like : wait so Lebron James is gay cuz he likes to play with them balls.

Camden @camobra on tiktok
in Orphan

Why can’t a orphan play kick ball be cause the can’t hit the home plate


why was the bad baseball player so good at bowling? he kept making strikes


Balls are anoyying they just bounce and never keep still


why did the ball person go to the docter

He was kicked in the balls

in Orphan

Why can’t orphans play base ball? Because they can’t run home


Memories: I have ligma. Ligma what? Ligma BALLS.


How much balls do you have on your body 2 your butt

The man

Would you rather date me or I lady I laid deez nuts in your mouth


when I throw a dodge ball at a person taller than its always a nut shot

why do women rub there eyes when they wake up cuz they don’t got balls to scratch


You know Imagine Dragons?

Imagine dragon these balls

in Priest

thank the lord for my two huge balls

ftrd54ghbn sedf

I have two balls gay people have 23456789

in Orphanage

Why can’t you orfapan play base ball? Thay don’t know we’re home is

pee pee suck 2

what did cinderella say when she got to the ball? olgh…