2021 Jokes

I see 6 letters in the past I have 2020 vision I can see see 7 letters in the future i have 2021 vision

Trying to make jokes in 2020- 2021 be like:

Comedian : When she went infront of the tv it took an hour till you can see the screen again.

Adiance : Why you gotta be so offensive

Comedian : Im not tr-

Aidiance : Oh so now your trying to debate?

Comedian : I-

Adiance : Now your acting racist?!

Guy: Fight me on Xbox. Guy: oh right you don't have one *laughs* Me: Fight me in real life. Me: Oh right you don't have a real life. *INSERTS APPLE BOTTOM JEANS* 2021-2022

What happens when Helen Keller picks her nose?

She slurs her words...

I wrote this joke in the 1970s sometime in Denver, Co CAL - 2021 - Orlando, Fl

Back To The Future-Doc: You can time travel to anytime in HISTORY Marty but NEVER go to the year 2021.....


Name-Kylian Fraudbappe Missing: 28/6/2021 vs Switzerland Characteristics: Disappearing in big games+Diving+always ranting "give me penalty" Possible Locations : Penalty Spot,Parc des princes, Paris Last seen- Manuel Akanji’s back pocket