Knock knock ? Who’s there? Willis. Willis who? Willis dick fit in yo mouth?!!?!!

There were 3 guys in detetenion called zip willy pee and they were all being naughty the teacher came in and said zip down willy out pee in the corner

Roses are red violets are blue cause comes near my Willy

I went to the bathroom and into a stall, to see a hole in the wall. I reminded me of ‘The Lickable Wallpaper’ from ‘Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’. I jokingly started licking. Though, the carrot tasted musky, and kinda wrinkly.

have you read 50 yards to the outhouse by: Willie Makeit and Probly Not

Yo mama so fat, when she goes to the beach, the people shout, “Free Willy!”