what did steven hawking say when he died

I’m logging out

What do you call Steven Hawkins wife? Siri

Steven hawking walks into a bar… no I’m just kidding.

Whats black and sitting in a chair. Steven hawking after a house fire

Why did Steven hawking die? He lost wifi connection and don’t get the data plan.

what was the one test that Steven hawking couldnt pass


Why did Steven hawking die,he ran out of data

God: “Steven join us” sees the staircase to heaven Steven: “shit”

Imagine Steven hawkings was the real slim shady but could not stand up

Steven hawkings not dead he is just in airplane mode

How is Steven hawking so smart… he uploads it to his software

Have you ever walked past Steven Hawkings house? No neither has he

What’s black and sits on the bottom of the stairs to the cellar?

Steven hawking where the experiments went wrong.

Why did Steven hawking have no friends?

He couldn’t stand anyone…

These jokes are nearly as dead as Steven hawkings

Why is Steven hawking going to hell not heaven? Because it’s a stair way to heaven not a ramp.

how does steven hawking go to the toilet? he logs out

How does Steven hawking take a shit he logs out

What is Steven hawkins favorite song? Highway To hell

Daughter: mommy what ever happened to Steven hawking? Mother: he died. Daughter: how did he die? Mother: he never got recharged.