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Why Couldn’t the Japanese man give a high five?

Because Logan Paul left him hanging.

Jake Paul

Why did Paul walker cross the street?

Because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt

Why did Logan Paul go to the suicide forest?

to see who’s hanging around.

Why didn’t the Japanese guy get a high five?

Logan Paul left him hanging

Why did Paul Walker cross the road?

He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt

If you turn the word racecar backwards it says racecar. But if you turn the racecar sideways you have Paul walkers blood on your hands

What does Logan Paul, KSI, and the Japanese suicide victim have in common? Tying

I added Paul Walker on my Xbox but all he does is sits on the dashboard

Race car backwards is race car. Race car sideways is how Paul Walker died

Why did Paul Walker cross the road?

He wasn’t wearing a seat belt

Paul Walker’s death was a tragedy, but at least he went out in a blaze of glory.

Just imagine, if Paul Walker survived the crash would they have to change his name from Paul Walker to Paul Crippled?

How do you spell racecar backwards? racecar How do you spell racecar sideways? Paul Walkers death.

whats the difference between paul walker and a computer? i give a f... if my computer crashes

I was staying over at my friends, for the purpose of the joke he shall be called kian. It was 03.00 am and everyone else was asleep when i heard a soft banging on the wall. I left the room to inspect it, Kian lived with his grandad John Hauge it was thought he had a huge slong. The banging was getting louder and so to was my heartbeat, i opened John’s door and ventured into the room. John was fully naked, there was a glory hole threw the wall where i could make it kians ass. This is what i have been waiting for. I rip off my shorts which Ali G bought for me, and silently moved towards john. I shoved 1 inch wonder in his ear. John furiously turned around and slapped me with his cock, “you little gimp get on the bed”. Kian came in the room with a 2 litre bottle of irn bru, he demanded “what the fudge are you doing”. I replied smoothly "Kian you tracksuit warrior you have a camel toe" Kian fires back “shut it paul you have genital warts”. John screams "SHUT THE F... UP." He then gives us it so rough i can’t walk the next day, but feel pleasured for eternity.

By Lewis

What did God say when he made Jake Paul?

Oops, I made a mistake.

Why did Paul Walker drown? Because he was to busy carpooling.

jake pauls life

whats the most horrifying video in the world logan paul vlogs