Whats the laziest mountain

Mount Ever-rest

What rock group has four men that don’t sing? – Mount Rushmore.

A man walks into the taxidermist with two monkeys. The taxidermist asked if he wanted them mounted. The man said, “No. Shaking hands will be fine.”

Why did Shawn suddenly fly to Mount Everest, leaving behind friends family and food?

Someone told him that Shelby coming round the mountain.

A man was sitting in the restaurant and ordered a whole buffet. He is visited by an oracle Apollo says “if you eat that buffet everyone you love will die”. Up yours the man said what are they going to die of famine. Moments later there was a incident that took place in the restaurant everyone literally died. it turn the restaurant had a B-. I said is that really a thing groaning on the hospital. The doctor said know that is your condition you hepatitis B-.

“What the FU***** SH**”

Apollo is sitting in Mount Olympus Dying also in laughter.