Did you know Hellen Keller has a pool? Neither did she.

what is hellen keller’s favorite color


How did Hellen Keller’s parents punish her? They handed her a basketball as told her to “read this book”.

How does Hellen Keller drive?

With one hand on the wheel and the other on the road.

Last halloween i went dressed as a woman. When i rang the doorbell an elderly woman opened and i made grunting noise and knocked the bowl of candy out of her hands. She immediately called the police and told them excactly what happened. The officer pulled me aside and asked me a few questions. First he asked are your parents here and i said nothing. Concerned by my answer he then asked if i was ok so i said nothing. He asked me what my name and i responded, "Hellen Keller.

Two guys are on the playground one guys says too the other “did you know that Hellen Keller had a play ground in her backyard” the other guy said “no” the first guy says “neither did she

What’s Hellen Keller call her dog?


Why doesn’t Hellen Kellers kid have ears? She gave it it’s first hair cut!

I’ve always wondered how it would feel to put Hellen Keller in a room full of doorknobs… But no doors

Q:What was hellen kellers favorite game as a kid A:musical chairs

How do you punish Hellen Keller? Leave the plunger in the toilet

What did Hellen Keller do when she fell in a hole.

She screamed until her hands got tired.

Hellen keller picked up a cheese grater, it was the most violent story she’d ever read.

How did Hellen Keller lose her arm? She tried to read the stop sign at 100 MPH

Hellen Keller once said, ¨love is not something you see or hear, it is something you feel¨ but of course she said it like this ¨fbfebsovbforbw urbwbwvorb¨

Did yo uhear about Hellen Keller falling down the well? She screamed her little fingers off

How do you punish Hellen Keller? you stick a toilet plunger in the toilet

Why cant Helen Keller have kids? It went up to far

Do you know where Hellen Keller lives? Neither does she

Why was Hellen Keller a bad driver? She was a woman.

Also I have the same Birthday as her so I have the pass.

How do u shut Hellen Keller up

U give her mittens