Deez Nuts Jokes

in Computer

joe biden deez nuts

The mom you never had

Isac I suck deez nuts

got him you like cobble. my friend. no me. gobble deez nuts


have you ever been to the new disney park called sawcon?

Sawcon deez nutz

got him

friend: you are joking me: joking on deez nuts

Like if u have nuts


me: how do cowboys say hello? Friend: howdy me: how do deez nuts fit in your mouth


me: what's the fifth month of the year Friend: May me: may deez nuts fit in your mouth


Do you ate chef boyardee's food?

No, why?

Boy are deez nuts so big


Do you know wildee?

What's that?

Willdeeznuts fit into your mouth

in Sister

Knock knock who is there deez nuts


a b c deez nuts

Meow meow cat
in Make

Knock knock who’s there dragon deez nuts dragon deez nuts who? DRAGON DEEZ NUTS ALL OVER YOUR FACE

in Cry

deez nuts eat nuts

average bunger enjoyer
in Hamlet

hamLET deez nuts go into your moueth?? 😂😂😂😂😂

hello baby girl
in Ball

have you heard about the pokemon called rhy rhy rhyde on deez nuts

FUn guuy

This man came up to me and asked if i could sell my house to him and i said sure then five days later he said that the loan should came in the mailbox then i checked the mail box and the only thing i saw was nothing so i told the guy DEEZ NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH

in Nut

what did one nut say to the other nut?

A:candice deez nuts fit in my mouth


Knock knock Me, a person : whos there? A : Deez nuts!