Conservation Jokes

a fat man was checking his weight and sucking in his fat belly a physicist saw it and said thats not how law of conservation of mass works plot twist the fat man jumped on the physicist and proved him wrong now the physicist doesnt have mass

A few male neighbors acme over the house to take a shower, because for some reason their house didn't have water. A few minutes later I walk into the shower I see the male neighbors and mom taking a shower together. Then I said what are you doing they all say were taking a shower together so we could save water.

What is meals on wheels to a christain nationalist that is also a conservative republican politician a gay man in a wheelchair that is poor and also physicality handicapped and who is also well-endowed

What do you get when you cross a fat christain nationalist that is heteroflexable and a christain nationalist politician who is also a born again christain and a conservative republican that has a small penis a tv evangelist on steroids

What is a yellow dog Libertarian? A yellow dog Libertarian is a Libertarian who is blindly loyal to the Libertarian Party, he or she who is a yellow dog Libertarian is a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party who would not vote for a progressive Democrat or a conservative Republican even if their life depended on it 🐕 🗽