Why is Steven Hawkins going to hell… because its a stairway to heaven not a ramp!

What is Steven Hawkins favourite food? Micro chips

whats steven hawkins favourite meal?

his shoulder

how did steven Hawkins die? he tried to update to windows 10 and his hard drive corrupted

I’m really worried for Steven Hawkins cause how us he going to climb the stairway to heaven

Why is Steven Hawkins good at skate boarding ? Cos he’s always on the ramps

What do you call Steven Hawkins wife? Siri

What did Steven Hawkins wife say to him having sex ? Your wheelie good at this

What is Steven hawkins favorite song? Highway To hell

What do you call Steven Hawkins on fire

Hot wheels

What was Steven Hawkins name before he got his desease? Steven walkins

Why did Steven Hawkins die?

Because he got a virus.

Did you hear how Steven Hawkins Died? There was a mix up and he was dropped at pc world instead of A&E!

Louis day is Steven Hawkins identical twin

How would Steven Hawkins mom punish him as a kid

Power off his chair.

What do you call Steven Hawkins on pot

Pot wheels

Have you ever walked into Steven Hawkins house. No? Neat her did he

Steven Hawkins has enough money to stand up but can’t grab the money

Steven Hawkins couldn’t take the stairway to Heaven he had to take the lift

why did Steven Hawkins go to hell

because he couldn’t walk the stairs to heaven