Preschool Jokes

What is the differences between a preschool and a pedophile's basement? Little kids leave preschool.

In preschool, i confessed my love to my crush, and she rejected me. As heartbroken as i was, i sucked it up and went back to teaching.

me rn “yo yo yo for pre k I went to kiss a school” my friend “whatiskisma” me “kisma balls!”

I had a dissability where I kept pronouncing my g as an r, so one day, I said I liked Grapes. Of course, I pronounced it I like Rapes. I was kicked out of preshool.

hey gwen... I had a freind named gwen in preschool. The preschool was cascade christian and in washington (wich is close to oragan, I read in a chat that you live there.) This is a long shot but I think you might be the same gwen. if not, ok.