Pancake Jokes

Goofy Goober

How did the flapjack feel when syrup was drizzled on him?




you so flat you make pancakes look thiccc

igloo and you

A pancake and an egg walk into a bar. The bartender says “Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast”

Random Face

in Rooster

Why did the rooster cross the road?

To Cock-A-Doodle Die. Now you have a rooster pancake. My favorite. ^^


Englishman: We named our son George since he was born on saint Georges day Irishman: We called our daughter valentine since she was born on valentines day Scotsman: We named our son pancake because he was born on pancake day!


in Ball

Yo mama so FAT..

That when she had sex with you..

Your balls turned to pancakes.


in Ball

Why do midgets have to wear a green bright jacket when crossing the road?

Because they will get turned into a pancake even more

its not funny i know


Why does the pancake team in baseball always win? Because they have the best batter.



your mum sat on a phone and she turned it into a pancake

Anonymous 321

I got up one day my neighbor was in my house and was going to take me, and my mom out. I show my mom and my neighbor a trick. They both liked it. I ask my neighbor do you know any tricks he said yes, in matter of fact I could tell you what your mom had for breakfast. I said how well my neighbor lick my mom ass, and ate her pussy out in front me. He told me my mom had pancakes. So we were in the car I ask my neighbor How did you know what my mom had pancakes for breakfast. My neighbor said well that is what your mom made me while we were waiting for you to get up.


:james sike i lied your mommy is pancakes is so dry. my best friend: joey sike i lied your twich is dry. my other friends: the winner is................. my guy james


What did the pencil say to the piece of paper? You FLAT

What did the spoon say to the pancake batter? You THICK

T-bone Cold

Here in I hop, we serve pancakes not pie cakes if so we can always bring in a chart that will Power the customer, his smile will remain at its current form, and police surely resisted when I said the word surely.

Ur mum

in Puns

why is the most popular food at a baseball stadium pancakes? Because, everybody likes a good batter!

eat that p.... 445

in School

are teacher said for two kids to stare at a wall no resson so i said hey wall dat ass flat like a pancake from mcdondles.



Why did the chef flip a pancake? Because he was a tosser



What did music tell the pancakes? -- B flat.