Overweight Jokes

I saw a fat dude wearing a shirt that said "guess" I said 215kg, he didnt find it as funny

*Your friend walks up to you and shows you a picture of an overweight woman*

What would you rate this woman?

A 7


Because 7 ate 9!

My "overweight" friend and me were talking at lunch.

Overweight friend: Man, why you so ugly dude?

Me: *annoyed*Jason when you stepped on the scale this morning it asked for you're weight not you're phone number.

Yo mama was so fat that when she stepped on the scale the scale said: OOOWWWWW!!!! Get of me you overweight bucket of lard.

What do a tank and a Warship have in common?

They're overweight.

I just a had a birthday party last week at my crib i invited two fine beautiful looking women one was skinny and her was kelly and the other one was overweight and her name was Chiquita both of them came by i told Chiquita only kelly can stay and enjoy my birthday you can't you too fat and clumsy and i don't have any food or drinks for you so see ya later nutty professor.