Favorite Jokes

in Priest

What is a priests favorite song –Magic flute in A minor

in Cow

what is a cows favorite move?-- the sound of moooosic

The Special

My favorite quote will always be, “Sketchy candy is better than no candy”

  • One of the thousands of missing children
Ur MoM;)
in Orphan

Why do orphans become criminals? To know what it’s like to be Wanted.

Why are orphans bad at poker? They don’t know what a full house is.

I saw a child crying yesterday so I asked him where his parents were. Bad move. I got fired from my job at the orphanage.

What do you call an orphan’s family reunion? Me time.

Did you know? The letter ‘f’ in orphan stands for family.

What is an orphan’s least favorite song? We are Family.

What’s an orphan’s least favorite tv show? Family Guy.

What’s an orphan’s least favorite movie? Meet the Parents.

What’s an orphan’s least favorite type of music? House.

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What’s an orphan’s least favorite store? Home Depot.

What’s an orphan’s favorite band? Foster the People.

What do you call a virgin from Alabama? An orphan.

Where do orphan chickens end up? Foster Farms

What beer do orphans drink? Foster’s.

Why do orphans have water with their cereal? Because their dad never came back with the milk.

What do you call a fish with no parents? An orfin

Why do orphans like playing tennis? Because it’s the only love they get.

Me: Are you an orphan? Orphan: Yes, what gave me away? Me: Your parents.


What’s stephen hawkins favorite song?

-They see me rolling.

in Orphan

What’s a orphans favorite movie

Home alone

in Orphan

What is an orphan’s favorite event


in Cannibal

What is a cannibal’s favorite restaurant?

Five Guys.

in Orphan

What’s an orphan’s favorite spiderman movie?

Spiderman No Way Home

in Kidnapping

What is a kidnapper’s favorite shoe

White Vans

Sans the skeleton
in Bone

What is a skeleton favorite instrument?

A trom-bone 😂

in Orphan

What is an orphans favorite beer?


Lucy Bicknell / trash pennies
in Orphan

whats an orphans favorite roblox game adopt me

in Pirate

What is a pirate’s favorite letter?

You’d think it’d be R, but really his heart will always belong to the C.

in Emo

whats an emos least favorite show? Dr. Phil


What’s Osama Bin Laden’s favorite drink?

A Double Manhattan

in Dark Humor

What’s a depressed person’s favorite drink?

Depresso expresso

Jk Its bleach


What’s an emo’s favorite Pink Floyd album?

The Final Cut.


What’s a suicidal person’s favorite game? Hangman

in Orphan

what’s an orphans favorite movie?

Spider-Man No Way Home >:D