What’s a orphans favorite movie

Home alone

My favorite quote will always be, “Sketchy candy is better than no candy”

  • One of the thousands of missing children

What is a priests favorite song –Magic flute in A minor

What is a skeleton favorite instrument?

A trom-bone 😂

Whats a depressed persons favorite drink Depresso expresso Jk bleach

What was Stephen Hawkins favorite childhood song? The wheels on the chair go round and round…

What is a pirate’s favorite letter?

You’d think it’d be R, but really his heart will always belong to the C.

What is a cannibal’s favorite restaurant?

Five Guys.

What’s a Mexican’s favorite video game?


What’s stephen hawkins favorite song?

-They see me rolling.

What is a cow’s favorite party game? Moo-sical chairs!

what is a cows favorite move?-- the sound of moooosic

What’s a lesbian’s favorite sport? Dodgeball

What’s a lesbians favorite type of food?


What’s a skeleton’s favorite plant? A BONE-zai tree. But if they don’t like that one, how about a S-pine tree?

What’s Thanos’ favorite game? Half-life

What’s Al-Qaeda’s favorite sports team?

The New York Jets

What was Osama Bin Laden’s favorite drink?

A Double Manhattan.

What is a prisoner’s favorite punctuation?

A period.


Because it marks the end of a sentence.

What is a kidnapper’s favorite shoe

White Vans