What’s the only other advantage of being an orphan? The teacher can’t give you homework.

Dislike this if you think orphans are weird like this if you think orphans are cool

I recently became the coach of an orphanage baseball team Because I hate dealing with parents.

What’s the difference between an apple and an orphan. An apple gets picked.

Why aren’t orphan jokes funny? The punchline isn’t apParent.

why did the Gg miller say to the loser

this is a nice reflection

why is spider man and a orphan so similar.

they both have "No Way Home"

What did the orphan poker player say to the elder?

“Will you raise me?”

Why does an orphans’ calendar only have 363 days?

There are no Father’s or Mother’s Days on their calendar.

Why are orphans unable to work at S.C Johnson?

Because it’s a family business.

What part is usually missing in an orphan’s computer system?


the first ever picture of a black hole got released. it sucks,

when god said let there be light he saw ur mum and said let there be dark

me: how do cowboys say hello? Friend: howdy me: how do deez nuts fit in your mouth

me: what are we doing in HPE friend: fitness me: fitting deez nuts in your mouth