Cheat Jokes

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Thomas Jefferson’s 80th b-day bash be like: Jackson: CALHOUN! YOU’RE CHEATING ON ME - IN BED WITH THE CONSTITUTION???


Why does cheetah cheat to always win

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I bet when 2 cheetahs race and one of them cheats the other one says “ your such a Cheetah!” Then they laugh and go and eat a zebra or whatever.


A man comes to an assassin who charges $1000 per shot he tell the assassin my wife’s been cheating on me I want you to shoot her in the head and shoot the guy in the dick, when they arrive they wait the man asks why he hasn’t taken the shot the assassin says I know how I can save you $1000

There are three people on the steps of Heaven. God tells them all he is having a good day and if they make him laugh by telling him how they died he will let them in. The first one said I just finished a long day of work and I get home and right as I stepped in I knew my wife was cheating on me. I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find anybody so I got a drink and went to the balcony and then I saw him, hanging off the ledge of the balcony. I kicked his hands but he wouldn’t fall so I threw a Refrigerator at him and I fell with the Refrigerator. God busted out laughing and let him in. The next person walked up and God told him the same thing he told the other person. God told him that he didn’t think that he could make him laugh more than the first person. The second guy said, so get this I’m a window washer on the 8th floor I’m washing the windows like normal and this enraged psychopath walks up and starts kicking my hands and then he throws a refrigerator at me and I die. God bursts out laughing so much to where he falls off his chair and he lets the guy through. The next guy comes up and God tells him the same thing he told the last two people and he tells him that there is no way that he can make him laugh more than the other two did. So he starts talking. So get this I’m in a refrigerator…

Imagine someone leaving a cut-out of jeff bezos on your car after you found out your blind bf cheated on you and the mcdonald’s employee says over the speaker, “Weren’t expecting him to see other hoes were you?”

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I caught my wife cheating on me. I beet my son and grounded him.


As a son I was starting to do pranks. I told my mom’s boyfriend that she cheated on him, and she don’t want to be with him no more, and I told him that my mom said that he had a small penis. He left my mom, and she was mad at me. I thought it was funny. Then I told my friend girlfriend that he cheated on her with another girl, and the girl told me that my friend had a small penis. He found out, and wanted to co front me in my house. I wasn’t home. My friend told my mom what happen then my mom said the same thing happen to me. I came home one day I saw my mom giving my friend a blow job I ask what’s going on. My friend told your mom is my new girlfriend & my mom said this is the penis of my dreams.

My girlfriend accused me of cheating. I told her she was starting to sound like my wife.

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I have an exam next week so I called my ex and asked if she had any cheating tips


Trump cheated somuch he cheated himself out of an election!

my boyfriend accused me of cheating. i told him he reminded me of my girlfriend.

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My bff asked me: “You know why it took Carlos 3 days to move on?” I said: “Why?” My bff says: “Well its because he was already cheating.” I said: “KNEW IT!”


What do you call lesbians having sex? My cheating dyke ex wife!

People when you lover cheats on you do this!

  1. start a conversation 2 say “whats that smell”
  2. They will smell around
  3. Say omg it’s a b**** and walk away and ignore them
my life makes me wanna *bang*

so a kid was hanging out with his mom and this man comes up to him and said hi i’m your new dad the kid did not think about it and then he did and said but i already have a dad the mom said that was not your real dad

I’ve got not much of anything to be honest Been in special classes in school Not liked by people Only relationship I’ve ever had and she cheated on me 31 years old and never had sex pathetic Not very smart Don’t look good Hate myself more than anything Been a failure at everything in life Probably be alone forever People treat me like crap Can’t do anything right And the list goes on and on

So the question is why haven’t I killed myself yet the answer is ,I forget I’m a extreme procrastinator keep just putting it off because I’ll probably just fuck it up anyway


There was a man named, Matt, that went to the church to confess one of his most recent sins. He told the priest, I am here to tell you my sins. He was all for it and said go ahead.

Matt, “Father, Last night I almost cheated on my wife”

Priest, “how so?”

Matt, “We were together naked, but we didn’t do anything just rubbed each other, that’s all”

Priest, " RUBBING TOGETHER IS THE SAME THING AS PUTTING IT IN! for your sins you must never see that woman again and put $50 in the donation box"

Matt, “okay i promise not to see her again”

Then Matt walks out the door

Priest, “Hey I saw you! you didn’t put any money in the donation box!!”

Matt, “Yes I did, I took the money and rubbed it against the box because you said rubbing it is the same thing as putting it in”

NotAKiller AreYouACop?

My wife walk in on me cheating on her and said, “How could you cheat on me?!” I said, “She was lying naked on the table what I was supposed to do?” and my wife responded with, “Perform the autopsy.”


One time my boyfriend and i where playing the tickle game and i tickle him on his thighs by accident and i said oh no i am died. Then he started tickling me on my thighs up to my vagina and then i moaned while laughing and told him “STOP pls” . Then he said “that’s what i thought” and i was like you cheated he was like “you first did it”. So he went to the restroom and pulled down his pants. Then i jumped on him and pulled his dick five times.And he scream and i quickly ran out and laughed then he rann to me and i screamed and he started eating my pussy and fingering me while i said “ok ok stoppp” and he stopped and start sucking my boobs and giving me hickeys while i said pls stop and then i pushed him off and he turned me around and put his dick in my hole and i said" owwwwwwww". Then he said" play with i’ll fuck you up". I said ughh and slaped him.