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What’s the difference between an ISIS training center and a school??

I don’t know, I just fly the drone

The thing I don’t like about shopping centers…

When you see one, you’ve seen a mall.

Why can’t Americans trade with other countries, we lost the trading center

a girl and a boy were on a date, the boy kept farting. the girl asked, What Is Wrong?!?!the boy replied, “explosive diareah.” the girl said ew.

The boy went to the bathroom, and the place exploded. the center of the explosion, the bathroom.

What language do people at the center of the Earth speak?

Core-an (Korean)

What kind of pizzas did they last order at the World Trade Center? Two large planes!

Where do you think all the orphans went? In the world trade center, I trapped them in so they can finally get to their parents.

Did you know hospitals have an entire wing for free dead babies? It’s called the abortion center

It was September 10, 2001 when I stayed up watching TV shows. I woke up late to work at The World Trade Center. But it was burning. I said out loud, " I was late! I’m happy I was late to work! I mean… I could’ve di-" I was then beaten and bruised by the emergency services.

Joke 1) 9/11 Was Such A Tragedy… Two Drunk People Drove A Plane Into A Building

Joke 2) If 6-2=4 Why Is There No More Towers

Joke 3) Is it a bird? is it a plane? Whatever it is it’s heading straight for the World Trade Center