Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, No atmosphere.

When in Poland people go to a house party, and the atmosphere is bad, nobody is talking, they say: “Is there a German here?”

Did you hear about the restaurant there putting on the moon Good food but no atmosphere

What language do people at the center of the Earth speak?

Core-an (Korean)

Hey mylady Hey bro Me mylady Me a bro

have you ate at the restaurant at the Moon its got good food but no atmosphere.

haha yeet my fuckin meat

at-my-most-fear i shit my paints

WHY IS THE SUN RED TODAY?Turned Red Today. Here’s Why. As an enormous Atlantic storm batters Ireland, a related phenomenon is turning heads further east over in the United Kingdom. … Just like the way sunsets are sometimes red, excess particles in the atmosphere can change the color of the sun in the daytime.