The Devil Jokes


Did you hear about the new Exorcist movie? The Devil came to get the Priest out of the child.

in Priest

What is a reverse exorcism? It is when the Devil tries to pull a priest out of a child.

I am Major
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My favorite toast for parties:

May I be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows I’m dead.


3 people died and went to Hell. One of them is from America, the second guy is from Germany, and the third guy is from Afghanistan. The devil lets each person make a phone call to their loved ones in the country they came from but they will be charged. The American spends 10 minutes on the phone and is charged $20. The German spends 12 minutes on the phone and is charged $24. The man from Afghanistan spends half an hour on the phone and is charged nothing. The other two guys asked the devil why. The devil responded: “Local calls are free”.


Your mom is so ugly she made the devil go to church

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Have you heard of the new sequel to “the exorcist”?

A woman hires the devil to get a priest out of her son

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What do you call a fruit that argues against the position it supports?

The Devil’s advocado.


Ever heard of a reverse exorcism? It’s when the Devil tells the priest to exit the child’s body.

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a boy named jimmy was riding to hell to save his brothers and sister that is the last plase he pist there came a cross the devil part 1

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do you know what an reverse exorcism is? its when the devil tells the priest to get out of the child.

in Satan

if satan is the devil, he’s pretty sus.

in Jesus

What is the difference between jesus and the devil? When the devil came to earth he was the one with the nail gun.


Yo momma so ugly the Devil started going to church

in Ugliness

Your mama so ugly she make the devil cry.


To Drew the Devil-We NEED to talk RN. I’m very md at you and we needa talk.

Angry Alex-

in Yo mama

Yo mama is so ugly she makes the devil read the bible

in Jesus


god is great

Dr. Fire

So the Devil decided to go to McDonald’s and grab some lunch. What does he get?. A hot and spicy McChicken and three six-piece nuggets.

King Cat
in Religion

How do you make Holy Water?- Get regular water and boil the devil out of it.

in Jesus

The reason why God and Jesus have eternal life and the power, aka ( holy spirit) is to control us , take our free will, and our eternal life, which is our heaven. Our time! Just to show up, in the nick of time for the second coming in full costume ready to judge us. Them spending a lifetime preparing thier big speach, thier excuse of them hiding this whole time. Lol, Surprise! Joke being on them. As we all stand there and are there to judge them. Doing what they said they were made for.
Taking our eternal life back from satan and the devil and sending them to thier home they created themselves! HELL! P.S. With a little extra punishments !


You ever hear of a reverse exorcism? It’s where the devil tells the priest to get out of the child.