Steven hawking died because he got hacked by me and the update was to strong.

So I was on Google and on my computer it had windows when Steven hawkings died it shut down sound plays and wouldn’t turmoil on again

Why did Steven hawking go to hell Why did Steven hawking go to hell Because there is a stairway to heaven

Because there’s a stairway to heaven

What douse steven king call his wife… The black hole

What’s Steven halking favorite song head shoulders knees and toes

Dario is gay

Q. Why cant Steven Hawkins go to Heaven? A. He can’t get his wheelchair up the stairs.

why did the chicken cross the road ?to help steven hawkings cross

how steven hawkings died, because he moved to much during the day and ran out of juice

Why did Steven hawking did he went out in the rain

Steven hawking was going to jerk off nope😂

You know what’s impossible ??

Steven walking

Steven halking