Why is USA so bad at chess

Because they already lost two towers

Do u know how i lost my music teacher job?

I tried to hit G by putting D

In 2013, it was reported that China has lost around 28,000 rivers; over half of what they thought existed. Some say climate change is the cause, others say it’s their harsh, economic expansion that’s unapologetic to the environment.

My theory is that those 28,000 rivers were sold to underground river-sex trafficking.

What did the cow say when he lost his tractor? Wheres my tractor?

sans:why was the skeleton depressed? because frisk keeps reseting and it resets when he lost his phone

Yesterday we lost a quarter of our roof in the storm, oof

One man was very depressed cause he lost everything. He lost his job. He lost his home and he lost his wife. So he went lonely into the forest to grief. Suddenly with the head rise up he sees Santa Claus walking by. - Santa? he asks. ‘Why are you early, it is not even christmas?’

  • ho, ho. Don’t worry about me. Lets worry about you instead’ says Santa. What is the problem my friend?’
  • I lost everything good in my life. I got fired from my job. My wife divorced me. I lost my house.' Santa: I can help you. You can wish three things you want in life and i’ll give it to you-' Man: My first wish is i want my house back. Santa: Done! Man: My second wish is i want 1 million amount of cash in my bank account. Santa: Done! Man: My third wish is i also want my job back! Santa: Done, but before i actually give you those wishes, I haft to hump you. Man: Okey. Lets do it. So the Santa claus takes of his pants to hump the man. After they are done humping the santa ask the man: -How old are you? Man: I am 35 years old. Santa: And still believe in Santa Claus??!! HOHOHOHO!!!

Wonder why the British are so good at chess? They have the queen.

Wonder why Americans are so bad at chess? They lost two towers.

Today I learned that a group of piranhas can maul a small child down to the bone in under 20 seconds. Well I lost my job at the aquarium today.

Once, a mother worked in an orphanage as a cooker. She had a son, and a daughter. Twins. When she was going to her work, she decided to take the twins with her. They we’re happy, they got ready and played with other children while their mother was cooking for other kids. Then, a poor family entered the orphanage. They said they wanted to adopt twins. As soon as they saw the children playing, they notice the womans kids. They said they wanted to adopt them. The manager said they weren’t orphans, but before he said it, a teacher accidentally gave them to the poor family under the names of Layla and Logan. The kids we’re Kyle and Kayla. They went away with their new children, but the kids cried, they said they weren’t orphans and that their mother was in the orphanage, cooking. The poor family didn’t believe, they thought it was the children’s reaction of getting adopted. The woman went outside of the kitchen, she didn’t see her children. She asked the teacher… And when she found out, she screamed and ran outside. She was running at the poor family, when they thought she was a psychopath and wanted to kill them. When Kyle and Kayla looked back, they saw their mother. They swinged their hands so the poor family could let them away. They ran to their mother and hugged her. The poor family got shocked and called the cops. But the mother, she showed the documents and her parent rights. This all explains the worst joke, Yo Momma Lost Ya.

Why couldn’t the dairy farmer find his home ? He lost the whey!😅

I always sucked at mazes. I found myself lost over and over again but if life is a labyrinth, I’d always find the escape. The final dead end, my personal favourite…

A guy goes to Starbucks and asks”Hey, if I can make you laugh I don’t have to pay.”The girl in the window says,”ok.”The guys says,”A little boy named Timmy lost his arms.”The girl says,” oh no!”The guy says”and his dad left him when he was 4.”The girl says “uhh yeah.” The guy says”Ok,I guess I’ll be paying then” The girl asks”Ok,And what name will that be under?”The guy says”Timmy,I’m Timmy.”

How did the farmer find his lost cow? He tractor down

Kenney lost his virginity to a $10 hooker but he only had to pay $5. She was his sister so her got the family discount.

My girlfriend and I played Russian Roulette once We had sex afterwards even though she lost

You know a parana can devour a small child in 30 seconds Any way I lost my job at the aquarium today

Roses are red, my blood is too, And i’ve been seeing it alot more, since i’ve lost you

What did the zoo say to the snow ❄️? Get lost

The reason Steven hawking died is he lost his internet connection