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I got some new jeans yesterday, until I realised they didn’t fit me around the waist so I went looking for a belt. I couldn’t find one. Then I had a really good idea. I could attach a ton of watches together to make a belt! But then I just thought it was a waist of time.

So I was in the car with my mom one time and we always joke about me being adopted (I am not) and Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean sounds like my name and so my mom says, as the song is playing, (my name) is not my daughter, she’s just a girl who claims that I am her mum. Wow. applauds for mother Love you momma =)

What kind of jeans do you were to church? - Holy jeans

Our family is known for unusually sloppy diarrhea. It runs in our jeans.

What did Micheal Jackson find on his bed

Billies Jeans

— What did Micheal Jackson find on his bedsheets

Billies Jeans… He He

Me: i must have a mirror in my jeans, cause i see u in my pants