My aunt’s star sign was cancer, pretty ironic how she died. – She was eaten by a giant crab.

My memes are ironic but my depression is chronic.

What is black and screams?

Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

How did helen keller burn the side of her head? she answered the iron How’d she burn the other side? They called back

I heard a joke about heavy metal earlier. It was pretty ironic.

If Silver Glider and Iron Man teamed up, they would be great ALLOYS!

Why did Helen Keller burn her hands? Because she was trying to read the waffle iron.

It’s ironic that the more other people love you the more you hate yourself.

Wanna hear somethin’ ironic?

When one cutter tells another cutter to stop, but he himself can’t stop cutting.

I bought a wooden whistle. But it wooden whistle. So I bought a steel whistle. But it steel wooden whistle. So I bought a lead whistle. But it steel wooden lead me whistle. So I bought an iron whistle. But ironically it steel wooden lead me whistle.

If iron man and quick sliver teamed up… They would be alloys.

Q. What did one Iron atom say to the other Iron atom? A. “We’re in the Matrix”

I heard a joke about heavy metal earlier. It was pretty ironic. I figured I would steel it and put it on this site. I mean, it was either that, ore lose it forever.

New civil war themed porn title: “Harriet Tubman gets hit with something other than an iron ingot”

My aunt’s star sign is cancer, so it’s pretty ironic how she died. She was eaten alive by a giant freaking crab

What do you call a cow that was hit by an anvil? A flat iron steak.

Why is the day you do laundry, cook, clean, iron and so on called a day off?

Yo mama’s so fat she irons her clothes on the driveway

To you, Iron man may seem cool or awesome. But to me, he is pretty ironic.

which mineral is impolite


joe mama

iron man dies

Which Mineral is so inpolite?


Little Timmy walked in on his parents having sex. His parents look at him in fear. Little Timmy asks; “Mom, Dad, what are you doing?” The mom replies with, “We are playing house,” "We’ll will let you play when you’re older, " The dad says. So the next day Timmy goes over to play with his friend Johnny. Who was ironically Timmy’s neighbor. Johnny asks, “How was your sleep last night?” “I saw my mom and dad playing house last night,” Timmy says. “But they told me I could play with them when I’m older.” After a little bit of playing with Johnny, Timmy went home and saw his Dad playing house with his babysitter. “Dad, what are you doing?” Timmy asks. “I’m playing house with your babysitter,” Timmy’s Dad said. “But I saw you play house with Mom last night,” Timmy told his father. “Well, don’t tell your mother.” His dad said.

What’s black and rings the doorbell? Stevie wonders answering the iron.