Angle Jokes

Today a child asked if I was an angle, I asked why and he said "mommy says that angels have marks on their wrists because they don't want to be in this world."

Why is North Korea so good at Geometry? Because they have a supreme ruler.

So on one partly cloudy night, there was a boy and his dad gazing up at the sky. Dad: aren't the stars just wonderful? I'm not sure, from my angle all I see is clouds. Dad: Well come over hear and take a look. Boy: Damm, the clouds always move when I get to the right spot!!! Dad: Well then I guess I will have too make you see them everywhere you look then.

Then the Dad shook and spun the boy around till he said... NOW I'M SEEING STARS!!!

Man: I'm here for the job interview Employer: Oh good, good. Sit down. We don't get many people for the interviews. Man: Just anywhere? Employer: Yeah, make yourself comfortable. Jackson, right? Man: Yeah that's me. (Shakes hands and sits back down) Employer: So what makes you eligible for the job, Jackson? Man: Well, I'm really good at capturing the perfect shot and angle. it really takes dedication to do this type of job. Concentration and willpower, sir. Employer: I like you already, you're hired! Man: Wow thanks, sir. I know i won't do you wrong. I'll work hard for this job! Employer: You start now! Your first person is a man named John F Kennedy. Man: What? You want me to just take pictures of him during the parade? Employer: No. Man: This... This is a photography job right? Employer: No... this is a job employment for man hunting.

Heres some of my weird jokes: What are rhinos? They're unicorns that let themselves go. Joke # 2: Why do triangles try every angle of it's house? Because it's in its name. Joke # 3: Wanna hear a cheesy joke? Sorry, the mouse got to the cheese 1st.

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exactly leaned at an angle

god: why is the teenager so short angle: I don't know God: I said strong as a bear angle: no you said ass hair god: no I didn't