Worst Jokes Ever


in Orphan

I have an orphan joke, but it needs parental guidance

Dark Humor Hunter

in Flat

you don't have to worry about running while boys are around even i can't see anything there.

Matthys Terblanche

Friend: Why do you like Minecraft so much? Me: Because I love miners!


in Rich

why do Pepole have a all of money and they have to spend it on jewelry 24/7 all the time

Logan Toe

what is the point of buttchinns? To catch flies


what do you call 6 gay men in ww2

rainbow six seige


in Emo

What do you call a flat emo ......

A chopping block🖤

the goat

man 2001 just called they want a tower back

the goat

what is the difference between 911 and clash royal lol

clash royal still has a towor


What's the different between puppies and orphans Puppies actually get picked


why are orphans bad at poker becuz they dont know what a full house is


in Orphan

What’s the difference between a child who is home alone and an orphan?

They’re both alone but only one is home.