Why do feminists eat so much pussy? to get the taste of dick out of their mouths does it cycle now you stupid bitches

Why kind of experience does a feminist have? being a bitch

Why are feminists always against men? because men can piss with something that they can’t piss with dicks

Why do vampires drink blood? because they can’t drink bloodly Marys because they are vampires

Why are heterosexual women jealous of gay men? because gay men can perform fellatio on men better than they can

The cow was stuck because 3 retarded piggies were blocking him.

What did the cow say to the pigs, MOOOOVEE!

Roses are red, I reload fast… imma pull up to your school, bitch you better run fast

What do you call sad coffee…deppereso!

I’m a recovering cake addict

There’s is this cute russian girl in my class, yet she hasn’t asked me out for vodka

I made a website that helps orphans sadly, it doesn’t have a homepage

Why cant orphans go to a amusement park because they dont parents

Why cant orphans go to a amusement park because they dont parents

yo mama so ugly she the reason why slender man has no eyes

April Fools Joke: Go to a orphanage and say your parents came back.

If your ever bored, just punch an orphan because what are they gonna do? Tell their parents?

One day I was at church I had sit down I I. Said who in the world sink I đź‘€ down turns it was me and this not a joke but funny

Your forehead is big the moon landing was there

Cesar: What was that good salad called? Servant: Ceaser, Cesar. Cesar: Okay, what’s going to be the weather like? Servant: Hail, Cesar Cesar: yes I know Hail Cesar but I need to know what the weathers like! Servant: Well its hail, Cesar. Cesar: AHHHHH! Send him to the DUNGEONS! NOW!

Why was I stress eating on the train track?

To wait to get hit.