Worst Jokes Ever


yo moma so stupid that she thought dunkin donuts was a basketball team


my grandmas got 99 problems but a fat butt aint one of em


in Orphan

I figure it's ok to hit orphans What are they gonna do? Go tell their parents?

Sad Sad Sarah

Know what a 6.9 is? Another good thing screwed up by a period.


in Orphan

Why are orphans always famous?

Because they say go big or go home, and orphans only have one option

Sad Sad Sarah

What do you call a virgin lying on a waterbed? A cherry float.


in Orphan

Me:I saw your parents yesterday

Orphan girl: Where

Me:The coffin was still open


the earth used to be flat

till they buried yo mama

Goofy ah

1 like =1 kid in my oven. Im trying to get followers and comments please


I pushed a kid in a wheelchair into a campfire and shouted out hotwheels


What do you call a autism kid with a gun?

Special forces


What did the sex offender frog say to the other sex offender frog when a hot frog passed them?



in Boxer

What is a boxer's favorite part of a joke? The Punchline.


your mom so small that she hang glided on a dorito


in Yo mama

yo mama is so dumb that she tried to climb mountain du

im so funny

i love fortnite because i touched grass for the first time and also i love chung lei


My grandmother made her passage on a boat the thing wasn’t the only thing that went down.

Samuel Gizman

Ur hairline goes so far back even Dora the explorer couldn’t find it