Worst Jokes Ever


You was sleeping it didn’t count - chloe Foxwell 2021:)))))))


What sound did stephen hawking make when he died power off


Teacher told me to turn in my essay but I ain’t no snitch fool

in Orphan

whats the difference between Kanye west and an orphan kanye west has parents


What’s the difference between paul walker’s car and a petite white girl. There is no difference They both got split open by a huge log.

in Orphan

Why did the orphan live at school?

Because on the first day his parents didn’t pick home up

in Biden

“Everyone knows I love kids better than people.”

  • Joe Biden. (A.K.A Pedo Peter.)
in Biden

Biden: See you later, alligator!

Alligator: In a while, pedophile.

I wish I could follow you, though. But you need an account so I could follow you. But you don’t have one. :'(


I brought A cow and named him Mayo

Mayo Neighs

in Blonde

Blondes like their men how they like their rice, brown, 500 at a time, and all in her bowl.


This boy in my high school choir class had a decently big forehead so I leaned in and said “You know, if you painted an H on your forehead, maybe Kobe would’ve landed”

A guy stole my car last night. Before dialing 911 I thought, “Fuck it. Let him explain the dead bodies in the trunk.”


if hitler was in a car doing his salute he would be saying take the 3rd right


why are so many people making fun of people with wheel chairs?

-they can’t stand up for themselves

in Alabama

What is Alabama’s family tree? A circle

Lovely perv

True fact: Five out of six people think Russian roulette is safe. (Russian roulette is a game where you put 1 bullet in a pistol that has 6 chambers each person spins it and try not to land on the bullet to find out if you got the bullet or not you point the gun at yourself and pull the trigger)

in Orphan

what do blind kids and orphans have in common? neither can see their parents

in Self Harm

I now know what my first tattoo should be, zebra stripes! Not like anyone would know the difference between them.


Emos are dark people…

…So why are they all white?

Goths are even darker…