I’m Clueless. By M.T Head

how many times do you nut? it depends how hard you do it.

What kind of dreams do hotels have?

Suite dreams

The History of the Star Spangled Banner. By Jose Cannusee

What do mice 🐭 eat for dinner?

Mac n Cheese 🧀.

I once went to the bank with some raisins because I wanted to set up a current account

Do you know why i wish grass was emo, so it can cut itself.

What time is it when you get a chance to take a car 🚗 and drive all over? Time to get in trouble

What is your favourite name

What time is it when you can smell smoke 💨 inside? Time to get outside

What is the difference between a human and a tree? A human can walk and a tree 🌳 can not walk

What is a cow 🐮 that does magic? A smart cow 🐄

What time is it when you say wake up? It is morning

What is your favourite time of day

What is a nut 🥜 that says what is your favourite name? A magic nut 🥜

My brothers kept annoying me. I told them I would disembowel them if they kept it up. It was an empty threat - right after I was done

Why did the boy not cross the road?

Cause he was on thin ice.

I looked at my daughter, I told her what’s wrong.

She said, I wasn’t being a daddy to her, until…

There was a woman, with me, sitting. I had to leave until she pointed at something, it was, my butt. I was confused until, it was her turn. Of, Truth or Dare.