Poke diver 1 sucks

Why do heterosexual men and women that are married in france only perform anilingus on each other in their bedrooms? anal sex and oral sex is against the law in france

Why does Oscar Field have no friends because he spends time on his fields.

What’s the difference between a thief and a pervert??

One will snatch your watch, the other will watch your snatch

What is the biggest butt in the world?

The bottom of the ocean

Why are they called s’mores?

Because you always want another one!

What do you call a group of white people running down a hill?

An avalanche

Q: What does Abraham Lincoln have in common with a poor quality pirated movie?

A: They were both shot in a theater.

What is italian sausage? the dick of a gay italian

Why does the catholic church have a glory hole inside the confessional booth? so a priest give a anonymous blowjob to another bisexual man or a gay man or a heterosexual man that has a big dick after the priest hears their confession

Roses are red, Violets are red, Sunflowers are red,


What did the toilet paper say when he got stuck in a crack on the side walk ?I got stuck in a but crack

Why do science jokes usually get no reaction? Because they’re so BORON!

Why did the duck say hi to the other butt because he wanted it to smell good

Why can you trust a donut? It tells the hole truth!

Y can’t a orphan play base ball

Becuse he can’t find home

If you kill an orphan would that count as a squad wipe.

What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? moooooooo my secret is that it’s pasture bedtime, but not pasture bedtime

Racccccccccccccccccccccoccoooocoooocoooooooooooocoooooo this is my song joke

icebergie is a randy