what did the the sea do when it seen the beach

it waved

person : Hey do you know what’s the best thing in life?

you do realize that said nothing right

me : exactly :)

me : hey! do you know how to tie a knot? person : yea, why? me : cause I need help tying this noose :)

A woman is in hospital giving birth , Dr comes up to her afterwards.

Dr " I’m sorry I have good news and bad news "

Woman " What’s the bad news ? "

Dr " Your baby is Ginger "

Woman " ok, so what’s the good news ? "

Dr " Its dead !!! "

They asked me to speak at this funeral, and I said “Of corpse”!

" Why is it that Orphans only play tennis" That’s the only love they can get"…

Want to hear a paper joke

Never mind it’s to terrible

Two guys where on a hunting trip and after the first day of hunting they don’t see anything so that decide the next day they will split up and meet back at, the fire at dinner time. After a day of hunting they meet back at the fire and the one hunter asked the other how did your day go? So the one hunter said “I had the best day ever,” I went down the hill and hunted by the train tracks and saw the hottest chick ever, we had sex for hours in every position you could think of. Then the other hunter asked him “was she a good lookin blond?” And he said “ oh I don’t know I didn’t find her head”

How many black people does it take to start a protest? -1

Why cant orphans have a funeral? Because their parents wont be there

What do you call an orphan family photo A selfi

I love myself

Hi how are you doing today did

Hi huuuuuy

I work at a morgue and we wrap the bodies in bubble wrap.I was working the night shift and just looking at the security cameras but then I heard popping behind me

What do oranges sweat?

Orange Juice 😂🍊❤️

You are walking through the woods when you cross a woman who has been raped and beheaded, what is the first thing you do? Check your map, you’re obviously going in circles.

Who and the fastest readers in the world??

The people in the twin towers cause they went through over 100 stories in lest then 10 minutes

Before Marriage Boy:At last, I can hardly wait! Girl: Do you want me to leave? Boy: No don’t even thing about it! Girl: Do you love me? Boy: Of course, always! Girl: Have you ever cheated on me? Boy: No, why are you asking? Girl: Will you kiss me? Boy: Every chance I get! Girl: Will you slap me? Boy: Hell nah, you crazy!! Girl: Can I trust you? Boy: Yeah girl! Girl: Oh Honeyyy😍 After Marriage Now, read that from the bottom to the top.