Worst Jokes Ever

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Your mama is so fat that when she went to scale its said no elephants aloud

what is the difference between iphones and orphans. iphones have a home button

What is the movie orphans relate to the most? Spider-Man: No way home.(Either that or Batman)

Wife: I will leave you if you call me fat again. Husband: Wait dear.. Don’t do it for the sake of our kid! Wife: Kid? Husband: Yeah, aren’t you pregnant?

You know the stupid trend where people say it’s ok to be overly obese? Healthy even? That you should take pride in it? Which idiots started that movement? Well. We know one thing for sure. They were obviously members of a wider community.

What kind of jokes doesn’t work out? Fat people jokes.

What’s worse than getting a job at McDonald’s? Not getting the job at McDonald’s.

Inflation is so bad, McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

What was going through the heads of the 9/11 victims on the 42nd floor? The 43rd floor.

What is 9+9? 18. What is 9+10? 19. What is 9+11? -2996

Why do people hate jokes about the World Trade Center? Because its an easy target.

How do you disappoint people in Africa?

Send a message saying that you’re going to send trucks full of food, water, and clothing.

But don’t follow through and send the trucks empty

Put Hellen Keller in Gorge Floyd’s position. How is she cry out for help would she just moan or would she try to do sign language?

"Yo mama's so fat, that when she farts Al Gore accuses her of global warming." — Meet the Spartans