Knock knock. (Who is there.) Pizza. (Pizza who?) Never mind it was so cheesy.

How come none of my friends have dungeons? Oddly enough, they all have rape-dungeons.

What cow can part water? Mooses

What games do monks play a lot?


Why can’t orphans play baseball?

Cause they don’t know where home is

I would say something funny but I would have to dig someone up

Where are crackheads from?


What do cheap people use to talk?

Free speech.

china unban google rn noOoOooOw

Why isn’t there a ballpit at Taco Bell? Because it’s hard to have fun knowing you might poop your pants.

What’s brown and sticky? A stick with poop on it.

Or a stick with poo on it.

What is a meatball without spaghetti? A cow.

How do you get rid of butterflies in your stomach ?

Stop eating caterpillars

When I die, I want my body to be cremated. And fucked! Fucked really hard, papí!! Like a real whore!! Like a real tramp!! Stuff your entire cock in there!!! Uhh!! Uhh!!

Dark humor jokes are like kids with cancer.

They never get old

my mum told me to take out the trash but i couldn’t find you

What did the bison say to his son leaving for school? Bye son! Get it? Bye son Bison

What do you call a racist crow?


How do you keep a bull from charging? You take its credit card away

Amanda Bynes is a lush blond who has quickly become a blond lush.

Sad to think about legend O.G. Mudbone being no longer with us.

I’m only curious how they closed his casket.