I love playing games with my family

I love my family

why did itsfunneh go on the road she so draco looking at car then the car runs over him sad draco

Where’s the best place to spawn camp at the hospital? The maternity ward.

What’s the hardest part of a vegetable? The wheel chair.

Me and my friends life story on a dialy basis

what does a bullet and milk have in common? they both take out your dad

Dad:im dying Son:hi dying, im [name] Dad:really, now is not the time Son:im sorry Dad:hi sorry im dad (dies)


I would post a joke but maybe it’s too deadpan

I eat kids

Daughter: So, I got my period. Mom: That’s wonderful, dear! Now you can bleed for a whole week a month without dying! Daughter: That’s nice, Mum, but isn’t the whole point of getting your period dying? Mom: Yes, but you have to kill yourself a little longer to live through to the another day. Daughter: Thanks, Mum. That makes a whole lot of sense. (Sarcastically) Mom: You’re welcome, honey. (Clueless. Obviously.)

The reason Steven Hawkins died was because he switches WiFi routers for sky to virgin so his computer la-ged out

Last words of the captain of the Titanic… Where’s all this water come from??

What was the score of the basketball game in Africa?

Eight- nothing

What do you call when a friend calm his suicidal friend? Hang in there buddy

Dark humor and woman are very similar…

Not everyone appreciates them, but they both give everyone something to make fun of.

there was always that one SPECIFIC person u THOUGHT ruined ur life,but it turns out ur life has always been ruined by u being in it…

What do you call a pillow that been on the bed for 20 years in jail A criminal 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Fail and fall mean the same thing when it’s down stairs