Sometimes i get jealous when my phone dies

Gay jokes are not funny, CUM on guys

Where do pedofiles do when they wake up

Turn on the child safety lock on the car

So I told my sister want hear some jokes and she was like hit me with best shot fire away and I was like okay I know ur singing and old song yeah I was trying to see if u sing too and I said who do u think I am Chris brown Hi

An old lady walks into an ice cream store. Clerk greets her and says, “What will it be today ma’am…we have every flavor you can imagine”. Old lady says, “Well, I guess I’d like a quart of chocolate ice cream”. The clerk says, “Sorry ma’am, we’re out of chocolate today. Any other flavor we’ll have”. "“Ok” she replies, “Why don’t you just give me a pint of chocolate ice cream”. The clerk says just a little louder in case she’s hard of hearing, “Sorry ma’am, but we’re fresh out of chocolate ice cream”. The old lady says, “Oh, ok. Why don’t you just get me a cone with one scoop of chocolate ice cream?”. Finally totally exasperated the clerk says, “Wait a minute lady. Can you spell Van as in vanilla?”. “Why of course young man” she says, “V-A-N”. “Right” the clerk says, “Can you spell Straw as in strawberry?”. “Well of course, Straw”, she replied. “Ok then” he says, “Now spell Fuck as in chocolate”. She says, “There’s no Fuck in chocolate”. He says, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you… THERE’S NO FUCKING CHOCOLATE!!!”.

What do cutting boards and a suicidal teens wrist have in common They both have cutting marks

Do I do the same for dinner tomorrow morning for you


I’m going to be scared of diesel

I love dccfffghyyhh

Like if you are in high school and miss school

Awesome amazing game

China should be a baseball team

Baseball is awesome 😎

I love playing games

Hi 👋 I have some good idea 💡 was the best game I had to get in my

Shala titnic ko bhi yamlok jana pada Ham toh aadmi h.

What is the definition of a woman? A life support system for a vagina

What’s yellow and can’t swim? A bus full of children