How do we know that the ocean is friendly??? It waves

why cant Helen Keller drive. Because she’s a women no seriosly why can’t she drive. Because she’s dead.

whats a orphans fav food, nothing they cant afford it

What’s white, black, and red all over?

A zebra who walked into a hunting reserve.

My doctor told me that I had to burn calories, so I took a fat kid and lit them on fire

Why do lions 🦁 go to SUBWAY 🥪?

Because they like to EAT FLESH.

you’ll never be lonely at

What is the most musical part of a chicken 🐔?

The drumstick 🍗.

What do you call a happy child swinging with her friends at recess?

Not Sally.

How many babies does it take to paint a wall? Depends how hard you throw them.

About a dog

So the horse walks into a bar and the bartender says "Why the long face?" UwU

What’s 12 inch long purple & makes women scream?? Cot death!

What did the French Fry 🍟 say to the Hamburger 🍔?

I guess that’s a wrap!

why didnt the bear leave home-------- He could not bear leaving his family

Q.What do Kenny’s dick and this joke have in common? A.They’re both really short.

How do you punish Helen keler just move the couch

What comes to visit more often then your aunt your acne

There are so many things going through my head. Sadly none of it is a 9mm.


The Vietcong when America lands on their beeches:

tReE pOwErS aCtIvAtE