Worst Jokes Ever

in Pie

why do people hate math? they always get hungry while learning abot the pie chart


Hi!!! So it has been a very long time, and I have seen that your jokes have been becoming more and more innapropriate. Guys, you don’t need to be innapropriate to be cool! You are awesome if you like school, and even if you are gay, or anything in the lgbtq+ category. #PRIDE Anyway, I myself am not lgbtq+, but I don’t think people who are should get shamed for it. I love you guys, and stay positive!!!


Why don’t asians use phones?

Cuz they wing da wong number!!!

in Bad

I ate taco bell last night i pooped out your hairline

in Normal

Knock knock QoS there me me who me and you

in Car

Why do the brakes keep squeal.

Because the driver hit it to hard.


Orphan can call there Parents if they got hurt! Sorry 🩹


Luca’s Mom & Dad Be throwing the kids into the Fountain in the city but there sea monster so if the went to jail for that the would be on death row anyways. 🤣


Why do they call him Mankind if he is always choke slamming people. 😎

Hello boy
in Milk

The reason your dad never came back with the milk Is cause he ran 88 mph downhill

in Self Harm

Why don’t emo girls go to self checkout

Because every time they scan it scans twice.


Why do you not have milk with your Oreos

Daddy never came back with the milk

Mike Ox Long
in Little Johnny

one time little johnny saw someone in his yard tying a rope to a tree and he moved the stoll and the tree broke. little johnny screamed. " HAHA Your skinny enough to break the tree"


I was in math class, when my teacher gave us homework, and she said to me “your gonna get a F this time” So I went back home, and F**k my teacher.

in Orphan

Why was the orphan confused at the baseball game? They kept yelling go home.

in Emo

Howdo you win a argument agaisnt a emo kid? Kick the chair under them.


Teacher: Now class, if you are dumb, please stand up.

Class: no one stands up.

Teacher: Oh c’mon. I know someone over here is dumb. teacher waves her finger around the left side of the room

Little Johnny: stands up

Teacher: Oh, Johnny, you think you’re dumb?

Little Johnny: No, I just feel bad you’re standing alone.


It was a blast to visit the twin towers on 9/11 on exactly 8:46 a.m. it was the bomb…like literally

in Baby

i make baby mush


amongus dada