Worst Jokes Ever


When your boy tries to have a bad day while you're on your period:

Oh you have a cold? How rude of me. I just laid an egg and now my body is ripping down the walls of my uterus. But can I get you a tissue?


in Terrorism

What do parents feeding their kids and terrorist have in common? “Here comes the airplane!”


in Orphan

why cant orphan play baseball because they cant find home


in Orphan

What's the difference between and apple and an orphan? One of them gets picked.


in Movie

Use this roast.

Yo ass so fat that you can't see your toes. When you go to the movies, you take up seven rows.

A cow

in Movie

What is an orphan's favorite movie?

Home alone.


in Priest

what do you call a nun in a wheelchair? the virginmobile

New Nonny Moz

Chuck Norris can toss Jupiter at the Sun with his bare hands.

And he still cannot win a fighting match against Bruce Lee.

Felix ⭐

1 like = 1 more child in my fryer



in Sus

Bethoven composed his whole life. What did he do in the afterlife? He decomposed! har har har har har har

Chuck Glisson

Why did the idiot post so many 9/11 Jokes?

Answer; Because his mom is a whore!

Billy the redneck

Qassem Soleimani is so popular today. I mean he just blew up overnight

Mean guy

in Orphan

why are orphans good at dodgeball?

They can dodge adoptions


Y could you not see the guy in my dark closet the guy was black

Big Daddy

When a wheelchair kid bends over, wheelchair kid “ ohhahahhahhahahahahal

Chuck Glisson

How do you keep am Idiot I'm suspense?

Answer; I'll tell you tomorrow!


in Orphan

there should be kick an orphan" what are they gonna do? tell their parent?