Worst Jokes Ever


Emos are dark people…

…So why are they all white?

Goths are even darker…


in Ugliness

You’re so ugly the whole world faked a virus just so u could wear a mask

in Blonde

A blonde drops off her dress to the dry cleaners.

“Come again!” says the woman behind the desk.

“No, it’s curry this time.”


I gave a gun to a blind person and told them it was a hair dryer.


You wanna know how to get rid of potential scam callers?

Next time you get a call from them just answer the phone and say “Pizza Hut abortion clinic where yesterday’s loss is today’s sauce, how may I help you?”

Wong Ding

What do you call a Chinese man in the heat?

Boi Ling

I tried phone sex once. But the holes were too small.


What do you call a dick that dosent fit in an asshole

A miss fit


while undressing a woman, she told me she has aids, i told her she cant catch it twice but she still kept screaming

What do girls and noodles have in common?

They both wiggle when you eat them.

Lovely perv

Breaking news man with altiemers forgets he’s blind and recovers form visual impairment


What do cannibals call a wheelchair user…Uber eats

in Orphan

Why can’t orphans go on field trips

Be cause they can’t get their parents permission

in Little Johnny

Little Johnny and his mom were sitting in church one day, when suddenly Johnny said,“Mom I think I’m gonna throw up” Then his mom said, “Go across the field and into the bushes, hopefully no one will see you there”. Johnny comes back a minute later and his mom asks,“Did you make it?”, then Johnny said,“No, but there was a box by the door that SAID For The Sick”


Knock knock

who’s there


orange who

orange ya glad this isn’t another stupid orphan joke that has been posted 10 times before.


A man walks into a bar and sees a jar full of money and he asks the bartender what’s up with that jar of money bartender says you gotta do 3 task he takes the shot of Jack and the customer says what are the tasks he says the 1st one is but the 1st 1 is I got about a 12’ gator in the back that’s got a bad tooth and you gotta pull it he says all right what’s the 2nd 1 he said I got a big old girl upstairs that aint had no loving in a long time you gotta make her smile he takes another shot of Jack he said all right what’s the 3rd 1 he said you see that horse outside you gotta make him laugh and cry Guy goes upstairs goes out back comes out to the front comes back in the other customer said give him the jar The guy says I took care of that lady’s tooth and I made that alligator smile well how’d you make the horse laugh he said easy i told him I had a bigger deck then him bartender says how did you make him cry he said easy I showed him

When you turn off all the annoying beeping things in the hospital and everyone starts sleeping better.

in Orphan

Q: why do orphans love boomerangs? A: because they actually come back

in Orphan

Why do orphans play gta

So they can be wanted


why cant to asians make a white kid? two wongs dont make a white