What do you call Amber Heard crying during the lawsuit?

A DEPPression.

(If you are a fan of either Johnny Depp or Amber Heard, you might get the joke)

Why did the adpaded kid eat the last cookie because he was the only one left to adopt everyone hated him

How do you know your Dad’s been fucking your sister? He’s dick tastes funny…

Riddles not jokes

What has 4 legs but cannot walk?

What has bark but no bite?

There’s a one-story house in which everything is orange. Orange walls, orange doors, orange furniture. What color are the stairs?

What has holes but can carry water?

What is in front of you, but cannot be seen?

What is something you have inside you that is pink, but cannot be seen?

What can you catch but not throw?

and last one

What can rule, but not command?

Tell meh the answers in the comments

like 90% of this was from this link: https://parade.com/947956/parade/riddles/

1 more thing: DoN"t google it or search it up, use ur brain to answer these.

Son: I love you dad

Dad:gets in car and drives away

Why don’t I poop Windex? Because I Pledge to do my doodie!

Put some windex on it

What flour do orphans use when baking? Self-Raising (Rising)

Someone is talking about you behand your back,make a run vhaleka

people say your body is 75% is water while mine 100% full of coffee

What do you call Shroud when he is hurt?


guess what, shroud is back on wje, idk why, but he is…

I sit because i can’t stand you

I guess neptune is next to Your Anus XDDDD

Why did every one suggest that the cheetah eat all the pumpkins?

Because he cheated at everything

Why did the tangerine copy off other people’s work?

Because the tangerine was unORANGEinal

What happens when an angel and nun “have some fun, and forget pills”?

The nun gets pregNUNt.

(wow two pregnancy jokes in a row)

What is a type of cancer that:

Affects you Is caused by a device Annoying People won’t stop talking about it?

Easy, the answer is Fortnite.


Person one: What did the Dj name his son? Person two: IDK what Person one: Erik(while making a DJ motion)

What do you call a cow that is secret?