Ray Jokes

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What is your snow ❄️ name? X-ray

Dax the horrible

What did John Cena say to Ray Charles? Hey, man.


What is the definition of Endless Love? Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing tennis!


dear doctor

ive heard its a good sign when women scream your first name during sex but recently women have been screaming my full name. its weird, i feel like im famous. Can you tell me what this means?

Yours Truly Ray Palp

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What do dentist call their x-rays Tooth picks

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X-Ray Tech: I broke my arm and went to the hospital. The X-Ray Tech was the hottest blonde I’ve ever seen. I threw her ass down on the X-Ray table, ripped her clothes off, ripped off mine and I jumped on top of her! Then I put the X-ray machine on top of us, turned it on and I looked up on the X-ray monitor and I watched and saw my sperm swimming up inside her!