Ray Jokes

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What is your snow ❄️ name? X-ray

Dax the horrible

What did John Cena say to Ray Charles? Hey, man.

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What's the difference between Lana del Ray and Milli Vanilli?

Milli Vanilli won a Grammy.

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oh dear i made a backwards ray lets test it..ti stel yar sdawkcab a edam i read ho


i thought you were just raising your eyebrow but I checked x-ray and your skull shifted 128 degrees to the right


What is the definition of Endless Love? Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing tennis!


dear doctor

ive heard its a good sign when women scream your first name during sex but recently women have been screaming my full name. its weird, i feel like im famous. Can you tell me what this means?

Yours Truly Ray Palp

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What do dentist call their x-rays Tooth picks

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X-Ray Tech: I broke my arm and went to the hospital. The X-Ray Tech was the hottest blonde I've ever seen. I threw her ass down on the X-Ray table, ripped her clothes off, ripped off mine and I jumped on top of her! Then I put the X-ray machine on top of us, turned it on and I looked up on the X-ray monitor and I watched and saw my sperm swimming up inside her!